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October 2012

An Abusive Atonement

by Blake Hereth, on Theology, October 2012

What we think of the atonement reflects what we think of God. If we think the atonement is designed to heal our emotional wounds, for example, we probably think God is interested in our emotional healing. But how should we think of the atonement? If God has revealed to us the nature of the atonement, we should allow that revelation to shape our understanding of it. While some believe they…



February 2012

Deconstructing Scripture: Why Literalism Makes You Lazy

by Grant Miller, on Theology, February 2012

Deconstruction: “A philosophical theory of criticism that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning” [as defined by Princeton University.] I have a confession to make. I am a deconstructionist. For those of you who have been absolutely inundated and saturated with the mores of deconstruction, you are not alone. Deconstruction, a mode of thought which has resurfaced in the face of the postmodern…



March 2011

Christian Language and Identity

by The Ventriloquist, on March 2011, Theology

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I think I need to make my faith my own.” “I’m just seeking God’s will for my life.” “God is in control.” “It’s such a God thing.” These are a few examples of the phrases you’ll hear around campus when we speak of God and how He relates to us humans. As most of us already…