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June 2018

If you can't preach, you can't teach.

by Anonymously disappointed

Power in organizations is manifested in many ways. One of the most important ways is through its organizational rhetoric and structure. In this post I want to explore the ramifications for organizational narrative as a power structure within Cedarville University, specifically how Cedarville determines who can teach the Bible on the basis of gender (maleness), fundamentalism (conservativeness), and obedience to the institution rather than on the ability to teach. I…



September 2015

Dialogue with a Trump Supporter

by Michael Shoemaker, on Politics, 2016 Election, Donald Trump

Image courtesy Gage Skidmore I recently had a lapse in judgement; I got involved in a political discussion on Facebook. It began innocently enough, but quickly devolved into name-calling and threats of violence. Fortunately, not much catches me off-guard these days when talking to evangelical supporters of Donald Trump. In a spirit of honesty, I did not help the situation. I entered the fray armed with the goal of discovering…



September 2015



September 2015

Losing My Faith and Finding Myself

by The Ventriloquist, on faith, deconversion

I came into Cedarville University much the same as any wide-eyed freshman. I had just finished my classical Christian education, and after a life-long dedication to my church and my God it only made sense to attend a Christian university. Of course, the not-so-gentle prodding from my parents pushed me to make this decision, but I was convinced it was my decision. My freshman year was no different then any…



September 2015

The New Ventriloquist

by Zach Schneider, on The V

In 2010, huddled in a dimly lit off-campus Cedarville apartment, a small group of intellectuals and sometimes-miscreants had an idea for a project. A newspaper that would give voice to the ideas and individuals that were constrained to the shadows by the dominant evangelical culture permeating Cedarville's classes, sermons, and dorms. A project that would give a bold platform to those who brazenly attached their names to their contributions, and…