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October 2012

A CEO and a Priest Walk into a Bar

by Josiah Sleppy, on Cedarville, Capitalism, October 2012

It is almost an axiom now that we will be met by advertising wherever we go. A trip to the mall, driving on the highway, watching television, and surfing the web all host their respective advertisements, ready to spin clever slogans and brand you a loyal customer of your favorite manufacturer. We adapt to this constant barrage of competing marketers. Some may balk at the consumeristic habits of our culture…



May 2011

Unworthy Powers to Reign

by Cammy Sray, on May 2011, Capitalism

English poet John Milton was renowned for his fierce rhetorical intervention in the midst of the political and religious upheaval throughout the 17th century that undermined individual liberties, identifying the selfish acts of sovereigns as tyranny. In his polemical tract The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, Milton argues that the people must depose of a sovereign when, out of pure self-interest, he transgresses the personal liberties he was supposed to…