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April 2014

A Case for Egalitarian Christianity

by Jordan Ryner, on Theology, Gender, April 2014

“Feminism. We don’t like that team.” These are the immortalized words of Dr. Thomas White, uttered just before proclaiming that feminists oppose marriage and therefore are not on the team of the Bible. I remember sitting in my living room with a friend just after Dr. White said this. While his oversimplification of an ideology and damnation of anyone who disagrees with him was initially humorous, his juvenile approach…



October 2012

The Christian Party?

by Jordan Ryner, on October 2012, Politics

Many college students, even here at Cedarville, have fallen into the trap of deifying politicians, bureaucrats, and party bosses based on what our parents, neighbors, or the media might have told us. Yet how any Christian could dub the GOP the "party of Christ" in light of character flaws including voter fraud and discrimination is beyond imagination. Christians love Republicans. Let's face it: our brothers and sisters are quick to…