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February 2014

White Announces Restructuring, Job Cuts

by The Ventriloquist, on Cedarville, Purge

In a faculty meeting on February 21, Dr. Thomas White, president of Cedarville University, announced the beginning stages of a planned university restructuring, along with several accompanying job losses. During the 15-minute meeting, White also informed faculty that additional changes to the organizational structure of the university will be revealed over the course of the semester.

The first announced change involves the presidential cabinet. Dr. John Gredy now has the title of Executive Vice President for Strategic Growth, and will supervise the Center for Teaching and Learning, Online Student Success, Center for Lifelong Learning, and Academic Enrichment Center (The Cove). The athletic director and university legal counsel will also report to Gredy under the new hierarchy. The position of Provost, formerly occupied by Dr. Gredy, has been eliminated.

Second, all Associate and Assistant Academic Vice Presidential (AAVP) positions have been eliminated. This change will allow White and his cabinet to exert finer-grained control over the academic division and faculty. As a result of this change, three former AAVPs have had their positions eliminated: Dr. Steve Winteregg, AAVP and Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; Dr. Pamela Johnson, AAVP and Dean of the College of Health Professions; and Dr. Mark McClain, AAVP and Dean of the College of Professions. As all three are tenured faculty, they will have the option of returning to the university in classroom roles if they so choose. Dr. Andy Runyan, Sr. AAVP and Dean of Graduate Studies, has lost his position and job entirely. Additionally, three administrative assistants have lost their jobs: Shelly Nutter, Nancy Ranger, and Karen Calvert.

Finally, White announced restructuring of a few other areas to evenly distribute the load among the remaining Vice Presidents. The Information Technology department has been moved to the business division, and the front-end web development portion of the Information Technology department has been moved to the marketing division, as Dr. White felt that the website is the public face of the university and thus belongs under marketing.

As previously mentioned, White stated that the organizational restructuring will be rolled out over the course of the semester, meaning that additional changes are likely to be presented in the near future. The Ventriloquist will monitor and report on organizational changes as they are announced.

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