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Tommy Graves



January 2013

Is Philosophy Expendable?

by The Ventriloquist, on Cedarville, Tommy Graves, January 2013, Purge

On January 24-25, the board of trustees here at Cedarville will vote on a proposal to discontinue the philosophy major. How can a self-proclaimed liberal arts institution not offer a philosophy program? According to the school, the philosophy major is no longer financially viable. The number of students in the major has fallen from 19 in 2008 to 9 during the review. Since the program "is struggling to maintain a…



October 2012

Creation v. Evolution

by The Ventriloquist, on October 2012, Creationism, Tommy Graves

Answers in Genesis is coming to campus for a conference, and its goals are lofty: "Answers in Genesis and Cedarville University are partnering together to host a conference that points a generation to God, where Scripture is our truth, is our foundation, and is our alone authority." They hope that by defending 6-day creation, our generation can return to God. Is it possible, though, that taking a strict position on…