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April 2014

A Case for Egalitarian Christianity

by Jordan Ryner, on Theology, Gender, April 2014

“Feminism. We don’t like that team.” These are the immortalized words of Dr. Thomas White, uttered just before proclaiming that feminists oppose marriage and therefore are not on the team of the Bible. I remember sitting in my living room with a friend just after Dr. White said this. While his oversimplification of an ideology and damnation of anyone who disagrees with him was initially humorous, his juvenile approach…



April 2014

Apocalypse When?

by The Ventriloquist, on Theology, Sarah Jones, April 2014

Lately I’ve been thinking about the end of the world. I used to wait for it, in a confused anticipation born of a youthful interest in the utter chaos it promised and the fear that I would be subjected to it, as one of Christ’s more inferior subjects. Years later, I still can’t quite banish the idea. Certainly, this fascination about the end of all things isn’…



September 2013

Punitive Violence and Forgiveness

by Blake Hereth, on Theology, Pacifism, September 2013

Having been raised in the Deep South, I recall the teachings on war and violence: they were evils to be avoided, but occasionally killing a human person was morally justified. Aside from war, in which it was taken as given that killing was often justified, there was a slightly more controversial kind of case in which killing was allegedly justified: as punishment for severe crime. While there may have been…



April 2013

The Problem of the One (Within) and the Many

by Matthew Nelson, on Theology, April 2013

Ever so vivid in my memory, I recall Dr. Mills’ theatrical antics in front of the classroom in the Dixon Ministry Center in Introduction to Philosophy. In one of the earlier lessons in the class, Mills effortlessly expounded on a perennial and foundational philosophical issue taken up in the Presocratic period: ‘The Problem of the One and the Many.” The ancients were plagued by the tension between unity and diversity…



November 2012

An Essential Atonement

by Daniel Grahn, on Theology, November 2012

In the October 2012 edition of Cedarville's independent journal, The Ventriloquist, Blake Hereth argues for a second look at the Christian doctrine of atonement through his article, “An Abusive Atonement”. While it is appropriate for any scholar to reexamine the tenets of his faith, this review must be undertaken with care. Mr. Hereth’s article, while thought provoking, does not adequately consider the scriptural support for a satisfaction model of…