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September 2015

The New Ventriloquist

by Zach Schneider, on The V

In 2010, huddled in a dimly lit off-campus Cedarville apartment, a small group of intellectuals and sometimes-miscreants had an idea for a project. A newspaper that would give voice to the ideas and individuals that were constrained to the shadows by the dominant evangelical culture permeating Cedarville's classes, sermons, and dorms. A project that would give a bold platform to those who brazenly attached their names to their contributions, and…



October 2014

A New Day

by Austin Becton, on The V

After a brief silence, we are back. In case you were wondering, The Ventriloquist is still alive. I promised to manage The V this year because of the urgent and growing need for sources of critical thinking within the Cedarville community. Things are changing and we need this paper. However, my purpose is not to indict Cedarville or its Administration. In fact, I do not wish to harm or belittle…



April 2014

Ventriloquist Distribution Shut Down

by The Ventriloquist, on Cedarville, The V

On April 23, distribution of the April issue of The Ventriloquist was forcefully shut down by Cedarville University president Dr. Thomas White and VP of Student Life Jonathan Wood. As usual, distributors were set up outside the DMC to pass out copies to students leaving the university's mandatory chapel service. Before chapel was dismissed, White and Wood walked around the distribution stations confiscating papers. Wood forcefully removed papers from the…



April 2014

Farewell from the Editor

by Zach Schneider, on Cedarville, The V, April 2014

After four years at Cedarville, three years of involvement with The Ventriloquist, and two years serving as the editor of the paper, it’s finally time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I’ve lived through perhaps the most turbulent period in Cedarville’s history to date (although I suspect that the turbulence is not yet complete) and I’ve seen the university change…



July 2013

New Website

by The Ventriloquist, on The V, News

The Ventriloquist has a new website! The new design features an updated look and feel and is also fully responsive, meaning that it will adjust to fit any screen size and give you an optimized viewing experience on your smartphone or tablet. You will notice that "Issues" are now separated from "Articles." This paves the way for The Ventriloquist to introduce online-only content- articles published occasionally to cover events at…