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September 2013

Galileo was Wrong

by Noah Lantz, on Satire, Creationism, September 2013

In the November 2012 issue of The Ventriloquist, I made the controversial statement that young earth creationism flew in the face of basic observations about the universe. I also, more or less, made the statement that teaching it at an academic institution was an insult to our intelligence and basic capacity to reason. To put it in my own words: "… vocal protests against the teaching of Evolution and basic science…



December 2010

Likely Administration Mouthpiece

by The Ventriloquist, on Winter 2010, Cedarville, Satire

A typical Newspaper article usually starts with a hard news lead, something with commas, in wrong places, and unimportant details leading the way into what seems to be a blisteringly meaningless story. The subject, followed by a comma and short description, continues to prove dull as nails. That’s because the flaccid topic was introduced with 3-4 dull facts and possibly some numbers with little to no context, in an…