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Sarah Jones



April 2014

Apocalypse When?

by The Ventriloquist, on Theology, Sarah Jones, April 2014

Lately I’ve been thinking about the end of the world. I used to wait for it, in a confused anticipation born of a youthful interest in the utter chaos it promised and the fear that I would be subjected to it, as one of Christ’s more inferior subjects. Years later, I still can’t quite banish the idea. Certainly, this fascination about the end of all things isn’…



January 2013

Faith and Reason

by The Ventriloquist, on Cedarville, January 2013, Sarah Jones, Purge

First, a caveat: I am not a Christian. Specifically, I am an agnostic who used to be a Christian. And I start with this personal revelation because I want you to understand why an agnostic, especially one who left the church after years of religious abuse, is writing here about the compatibility of faith and reason. Second: I recently finished a graduate degree in postcolonial theory and global policy. This…