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September 2013

Punitive Violence and Forgiveness

by Blake Hereth, on Theology, Pacifism, September 2013

Having been raised in the Deep South, I recall the teachings on war and violence: they were evils to be avoided, but occasionally killing a human person was morally justified. Aside from war, in which it was taken as given that killing was often justified, there was a slightly more controversial kind of case in which killing was allegedly justified: as punishment for severe crime. While there may have been…



April 2012

Why I Didn't Clap

by Josh Proemmel, on April 2012, Pacifism

On March 28, Jeff Struecker, hero of Black Hawk Down, spoke to about 3,000 people in chapel at Cedarville University. When he finished speaking and walked off stage, he received an emotional standing ovation. I didn’t take part in this ovation, and I think it’s important to explain why. Many of us grew up repeating the Pledge of Allegiance every day in school. To some of us,…