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April 2014

A Case for Egalitarian Christianity

by Jordan Ryner, on Theology, Gender, April 2014

“Feminism. We don’t like that team.” These are the immortalized words of Dr. Thomas White, uttered just before proclaiming that feminists oppose marriage and therefore are not on the team of the Bible. I remember sitting in my living room with a friend just after Dr. White said this. While his oversimplification of an ideology and damnation of anyone who disagrees with him was initially humorous, his juvenile approach…



November 2012

Women as Leaders

by Zach Schneider, on Gender, November 2012

On October 29, 2012, Cedarville held their semi-monthly question-and-answer session in chapel, with Dr. Brown and Pastor Rohm answering a selection of student questions about the university, Christianity, and more. At the end of this particular chapel, Dr. Brown sent shock waves across Cedarville’s campus with a surprise announcement of his resignation as president, effective at the end of the year. This event was the only thing most students…



April 2012

Evangelicals and Masculinity

by Daniel Sizemore, on April 2012, Gender

American evangelical men face a strange double bind when it comes to masculinity. On one hand, they are called to eschew the broader culture’s image of men proving their worth through sexual promiscuity and collection of material wealth. However, walk into any evangelical bookstore and you will find numerous resources purporting to be the definitive guide on how to be a “real” man. Even those outside of the world…