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February 2014

Or D, None of the Above

by Stephanie Petersen, on Education, February 2014

Any casual observer of American public education has seen them-the unending, unbelievable, miserable charts, graphs and other statistics that affirm our colossal failure. From dropout rates, college retention and standardized testing data, we know without a doubt that something is not working, and that certainly no one is openly pleased about it. In a semi-intentional survey of popular media, I see that concerned citizens have selected several particular demons upon…



September 2013

Common Core

by Grant Miller, on Education, September 2013

Do you want to know why conservatives are so opposed to Common Core State Standards in education? It is because many conservatives oppose postmodernism. By definition, conservatives value what they see as unbending, immutable “truths” as underscored by the “self-evident truths” in the Constitution & the “inerrant, infallible” truths of the Christian scriptures. (It is not, mind you, that progressives discount the Constitution or that many progressives do not also…



October 2011

Good Thing I Got a Pell Grant

by Michael Shirzadian, on October 2011, Education

Recent attempts by both Democrat and Republican leadership to brand their opposition as vicious perpetrators of so-called “Class Warfare” do not suggest, as the media might have us believe, an especially polar or divisive era in contemporary Washington politics—where leaders desperately enlist words like “terror” and “war” in the service of disparate political ideologies—but illustrate, instead, the bipartisan and calculated sense of war requisite to maintaining status-quo (economic)…