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February 2012

Nudity and Art

by Tim Cuffman & Danielle Early, on Art, February 2012

Imagine that you are naked right now. Imagine that you are standing in front of Michelangelo’s David. Imagine that you are watching film footage of Jews stripping off their clothes in a Holocaust death camp right before they head into the ‘showers.’ In each of these scenarios, the common thread is ‘nudity’ and our interaction with it. Many students were outraged last year when Cedarville showed a not-entirely-censored version…



October 2011

Irony, Dinos & Bears

by John Hawkins, on October 2011, Art

“Compassion measures us as humans,” says sculptor Mark Cline, looking up from a life-size replica of the JMU Duke Dog as he applies another layer of plaster to its resin-soaked arm. The mind behind such cultural oddities as “The Town That Time Forgot,” an April Fools’ prank that scattered oversized dinosaur statues across the rural village of Glasgow, and Foamhenge, a scale remake of the Druidical landmark made entirely of…