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July 2013

Lutz to Palm Beach

by The Ventriloquist, on Cedarville, Purge

Administrative changes continue at Cedarville as Bob Lutz, the former Associate Dean for Student Leadership Development, announced today via Facebook that he has accepted a new position as Director of the Center for Campus Connections at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach's Center for Campus Connections functions in a similar role as Cedarville's former Student Life division, coordinating international and multicultural programs, student leadership development, student clubs and organizations, Welcome Week, and student activities.

Lutz's departure follows shortly after the July 24 resignation of fellow Student Life Division employee Kirsten Gibbs. Several other members of Cedarville's former Student Life division have also departed in the past few months, including former Vice President of Student Life Dr. Carl Ruby, who was forced to resign in January, and former Dean for Student Life Programs Jon Purple, who was laid off along with 28 other staff on May 15. On July 19, in the wake of a Ventriloquist report that new president Dr. Thomas White had requested campus pastor Bob Rohm's resignation, Cedarville University announced that the former Student Life and Christian Ministries divisions would be combined and Pastor Rohm would retire. Five days later, Jonathan Wood of Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary was announced as the vice president of the newly minted Student Life and Christian Ministries division.

In a Facebook post officially announcing his departure, Lutz noted that he "would be lying if [he] said the last twelve months were not challenging and difficult," but also expressed optimism for Cedarville's future, pledging to pray and cheer for Cedarville as an alumnus. Lutz requested that his departure be used to encourage the Cedarville community, and closed with a charge to "Press on for the growth of the Gospel, the good of God's people and the glory of Christ!"

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