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December 2010

Here is a brief introduction...

by The Ventriloquist, on Winter 2010, The V

Our staff defines a university as an institution committed to collective learning. We believe this commitment should extend past the institutional level and include the university community. When members of the community strive to cultivate creativity, critical thinking and growth, richer education and character formation result. We believe healthy intellectual pursuit leads to more authentic followers of faith, the goal of any religiously-affiliated school.

We believe a journal or similar publication involved with the university community should aim to accomplish the following:

  • provide a platform for individuals to adequately represent themselves and engage one another in conversation

  • expose the community to a wide range of significant ideas and issues -inform the community of these significant ideas and issues without fear of censorship

  • provoke critical thinking non-antagonistically

  • encourage creativity through interdiciplinary fellowship

  • regard the institution as a community member i.e.- challenge its conduct and hold it accountable so that it may become a better institution.

Our staff ’s objective is to become CU’s premier independently-run student journal. In essence, we hope to create an underground publication which both celebrates the creative mind and informs our community about events, opinion and people related to or dealing with CU.

Logistically, we hope to recruit new writers as we work to establish the journal at CU. Those willing to offer their abilities to the journal, whether as writer, copy editor, layout designer, etc. will meet together once a month to discuss collectively: article assignment, advertising, assignment deadlines, publication dates, external grants, etc. Articles written by CU alumni will also be included. Although much of the paper’s structure depends on finance, we hope to publish two issues per semester. Our only ideological prerequisite is that those hoping to work for the paper desire to meet the above-listed standards of scholastic literary pursuit through this publication.

“Without openness, a conversation simply cannot be, in any full sense, genuine.” – Michael A. King

The Ventriloquist
The Ventriloquist

The Ventriloquist is an online publication at and outside the boundary of evangelical Christianity. Articles published under the Ventriloquist pseudonym are from authors who wish to remain anonymous.