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February 2014

Or D, None of the Above

by Stephanie Petersen, on Education, February 2014

Any casual observer of American public education has seen them-the unending, unbelievable, miserable charts, graphs and other statistics that affirm our colossal failure. From dropout rates, college retention and standardized testing data, we know without a doubt that something is not working, and that certainly no one is openly pleased about it. In a semi-intentional survey of popular media, I see that concerned citizens have selected several particular demons upon…



May 2011

The Pornography of Violence

by Stephanie Petersen, on May 2011, Violence

Since my freshperson year at Cedarville, I have been fascinated by the cultural limitations, stigma, and arbitration that seem to surround some of the university rules, regulations, and institutional preferences. I am so glad that I remained a student at Cedarville despite my personal conflicts with some of the codes of conduct; but as a graduating senior, I remain deeply disturbed by one aspect of Cedarville culture that defies my…