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April 2013

A Farewell to Cedarville

by Joshua Steele, on Cedarville, April 2013, Purge

As what was once a vision for the future has become an agenda for returning to the past, the list of people who no longer fit the Cedarville mold is growing. I contacted former vice president of Student Life, Dr. Carl Ruby; former professor Dr. Michael Pahl; current professors Dr. TC Ham, Dr. Shawn Graves, and Dr. David Mills; and former trustees Dr. William Rudd and Rev. Chris Williamson to…



January 2013

An Open Letter

by Joshua Steele, on Cedarville, January 2013, Purge

To my sisters and brothers in Christ, entrusted with the arduous task of leading and directing Cedarville University: greetings, grace, and peace. Allow me to thank you all for your countless hours of service to this institution. I do not want to underestimate your care and concern for this place. In fact, I want to reassure you that I share your passion. Here at Cedarville I have been blessed with…



October 2012

On the Firing of Dr. Pahl

by Joshua Steele, on Cedarville, October 2012, Purge

Few would deny that truth and discourse are both essential parts of any academic community in general and Cedarville in particular. Certainly, the purpose of an educational institution is to impart truth; that goal is noble and must not be forgotten. However, a healthy academic environment must also be faithful in promoting discourse and ideological diversity- our range of ideas is what makes us strong. Cedarville needs to keep both…