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April 2012

Evangelicals and Masculinity

by Daniel Sizemore, on April 2012, Gender

American evangelical men face a strange double bind when it comes to masculinity. On one hand, they are called to eschew the broader culture’s image of men proving their worth through sexual promiscuity and collection of material wealth. However, walk into any evangelical bookstore and you will find numerous resources purporting to be the definitive guide on how to be a “real” man. Even those outside of the world…



March 2011

Perspectives: I am just a Christian who happens to be gay

by Daniel Sizemore, on March 2011, LGBTQ

The winter of 2004, I was sitting somewhere in the vast Pennsylvania wilderness for my school’s annual “snow camp”—a week where several fundamentalist Baptist schools came together to bring spiritual revival into the lives of their students. This was done by making the teenagers in their charge feel a transitory emotional response to their messages of guilt and fear. The particular session which I found myself in was…