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October 2011


by Cammy Sray, on October 2011, Body Image

For those of you who have worked retail, you are familiar with the petty jabs employees tend to hurl secretly at customers. Work any job long enough and you will unfortunately secure a hyperawareness of customer "flaws". I remember a specific day when my boss relayed to me what irked him about a customer he had interacted with earlier. The customer's faults included: "creepily" inquiring about my absence, possessing an…



May 2011

Unworthy Powers to Reign

by Cammy Sray, on May 2011, Capitalism

English poet John Milton was renowned for his fierce rhetorical intervention in the midst of the political and religious upheaval throughout the 17th century that undermined individual liberties, identifying the selfish acts of sovereigns as tyranny. In his polemical tract The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, Milton argues that the people must depose of a sovereign when, out of pure self-interest, he transgresses the personal liberties he was supposed to…