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January 2013

When Ideologies Collide

by Rev. Adam Wirrig, on Cedarville, January 2013, Purge

I can't imagine it's an easy job to run an institution the size and scope of Cedarville University. I would imagine that to be a vice-president or a trustee, one has to rather constantly make difficult and often unpopular decisions. I also imagine that, due to human resource issues, one can't always be entirely be forthcoming with the reasons and rationals behind such decisions. Bearing these thoughts in mind, I,…



November 2012

What's Wrong with the White Papers?

by Rev. Adam Wirrig, on Cedarville, November 2012, Doctrinal Statement

Issue 8 November 2012 What's Wrong with the White Papers? Rev. Adam Wirrig, CU Alumnus Released in the fall of 2011 and allegedly written by current Academic Vice-President Tom Cornman, the Cedarville University “White Papers” have proven a source of significant discussion for both current and former students of the university. Provided as a supplement and refinement to Cedarville’s current doctrinal statement, these papers, intended to aid and reinforce…