Issue 12

The Final Decision

Avery Redic

The story of my removal from leadership at Cedarville University

Fear at Cedarville


I’m Gay. Why I must live in fear at Cedarville

Ruminations on Diversity

Jonathan Hammond

Reflections on the true meaning of the diversity claimed by Cedarville

Or D, None of the Above

Stephanie Petersen

A discussion on the root causes of problems in the education system

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Recent Articles

White Announces Restructuring, Job Cuts

The Ventriloquist

In a faculty meeting on February 21, Dr. Thomas White announced a planned restructuring to university organization and accompanying job losses

Dr. White Announces Planned Changes to Doctrinal Statement

The Ventriloquist

Updated statement will address marriage, conception, complementarianism, and the sufficiency of Scripture

No Tuition Hike; R&B Up by $600

The Ventriloquist

President White announces today in mandatory faculty meeting that tuition will not rise in the next academic year, though room and board will increase by $600

New Faculty Appear Days Before Classes Start

The Ventriloquist

Cedarville has updated its online course catalog to include several new faces in the Bible department.

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