Issue 13

A Case for Egalitarian Christianity

Jordan Ryner

The case for an egalitarian approach towards gender roles

Farewell from the Editor

Zach Schneider

Reflections on my time as editor of The Ventriloquist

Apocalypse When?

Sarah Jones

Reflections on the apocalypse of Revelation

My Freshman Year at CU

Iva Faber

My struggles with mental illness and Cedarville’s response to it

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Recent Articles

Ventriloquist Distribution Shut Down

The Ventriloquist

White, Wood shut down distribution of the April Ventriloquist

White Announces Restructuring, Job Cuts

The Ventriloquist

In a faculty meeting on February 21, Dr. Thomas White announced a planned restructuring to university organization and accompanying job losses

Dr. White Announces Planned Changes to Doctrinal Statement

The Ventriloquist

Updated statement will address marriage, conception, complementarianism, and the sufficiency of Scripture

No Tuition Hike; R&B Up by $600

The Ventriloquist

President White announces today in mandatory faculty meeting that tuition will not rise in the next academic year, though room and board will increase by $600

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